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Arena Querini in Venice is a meeting place for Italian and Norwegian seafood and travel businesses. By participating in the arena, your company will have the opportunity to enhance its visibility, build networking prospects, and strengthen its business potential. Experience a historical environment built upon maritime traditions from the past and into the opportunities of the future.

Symbols of Synergy: Visualizing Our Core Focus Areas

Promotion of Sustainable Practices and Cultural Appreciation

Objective: To elevate and promote the centuries-old maritime traditions and sustainable practices in both Norwegian and Italian seafood industries.
Strategy: By intertwining rich cultural histories at Arena Querini, we spotlight sustainability and cultural value.

Evolution of Food Culture

Objective: Celebrate the fusion of Arctic and Italian cuisines.
Strategy: Facilitate culinary dialogues between renowned chefs, blending Mediterranean trends with Arctic traditions to cater to the growing global demand for sustainable Norwegian seafood.

Amplification of Norwegian Seafood & Tourism

Objective: Reinforce and rejuvenate the appeal of traditional stockfish among Italy’s youth and boost the prominence of Norwegian salmon in Italy’s culinary scene.
Strategy: Collaborative marketing campaigns targeting younger demographics in Italy, paired with enticing showcases of coastal Norway, sparking intrigue and boosting tourism interest.

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Meet the Team


Geir-Børre Johansen

Head of Business

Regine Berglund

Project Manager

Thomas Johansen

Head of Communication

Kim Jørgen Andreassen

KPB Consultant

Sunniva Greger

Opera Manager

Hildegunn Pettersen


Snorri Sverrisson Rasch

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