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Bridging Cultures: A Chat with Hildegunn Pettersen on the Upcoming Querini Opera & Arena Querini

Venezia is buzzing with excitement, all thanks to two upcoming events: the Querini Opera and Arena Querini. At the helm of these ventures is Hildegunn Pettersen, the Opera Manager. With a vision to blend history with the present, and art with business, she's preparing for something truly special. We caught up with her to get an inside look at what's in store.

Interviewer: Hildegunn, the Querini Opera is scheduled to unveil in Venezia on the 27th of October. How are the preparations coming along?

Hildegunn Pettersen: We’re brimming with excitement! Our dedicated crew and I will be in Venezia ahead of our guests, arriving on the 23rd of October. We’ve undertaken the ambitious task of building the opera from the ground up inside the iconic Arsenale Nord. The anticipation of constructing a theatre in such a historic venue gives me butterflies. It’s not just about setting up a stage; it’s about infusing every brick of Arsenale Nord with the spirit of the Querini Opera.

Interviewer: Speaking of venues, there’s a lot of buzz about Arena Querini. Could you shed some light on that?

Hildegunn Pettersen: Absolutely! While the Querini Opera will dazzle audiences in the evening, our daytime is reserved for the exceptional Arena Querini. It’s a unique confluence where the tastes of Norwegian Arctic seafood blend with Italian recipes, where the allure of tourism merges with the strokes of Norwegian and Italian artistry. It’s a melting pot of cultures, a symphony of shared heritage.

Arena Querini is a testament to the seamless integration of culture and business. In a world driven by business metrics, we’ve chosen to lead with the heart, emphasizing the deep-rooted traditions associated with stockfish that both our nations cherish. By orchestrating Arena Querini during the day and culminating with the Querini Opera by night, we offer a holistic Venezian experience that’s both rich in heritage and forward in vision.

Interviewer: We’ve heard rumors of some high-profile attendees. Can you comment on that?


Hildegunn Pettersen: Without delving into specifics, I can confirm we’ve extended invites to some very esteemed personalities for both the Querini Opera and Arena Querini. It’s exhilarating! Our program is set, and we’re on the edge of our seats, waiting for the perfect moment to unveil it to the world.

Hildegunn Pettersen

Opera Manager

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