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"It's hard to 'land' back to reality after having flown so high in the dream"

The Querini Opera Concludes a Phenomenal Grand Finale in Venezia

Foto Annar Bjørgli

Foto Annar Bjørgli

A month after its final curtain call, The Querini Opera remains a vivid memory in the hearts of its diverse audience. This unique production, which concluded its sold-out run in Venezia, was not just a theatrical event but a cultural phenomenon, blending elements from Norwegian and Italian heritage to mirror the story it so beautifully portrayed.

Pino Costalunga (Foto: Annar Bjørgli)

The audience, a perfect mix of Norwegians and Italians, reflected the opera’s core narrative. The story, introduced by the talented Italian actor Pino Costalunga, unfolded in a multilingual tapestry. Pino skillfully bridged the language barrier, primarily addressing the Italian audience in their native tongue, while informing everyone that the opera would unfold in multiple languages – Norwegian, English, and Italian.

This linguistic diversity added depth and authenticity to the performance. The inhabitants of Røst, represented in the opera, sang in melodic Norwegian, capturing the essence of their homeland. The Italian characters brought warmth and familiarity with their parts performed in Italian. Meanwhile, the Cormorant song, a pivotal piece in the opera, was sung in English, weaving a universal thread through the narrative and making the story accessible and engaging for all.

The multilingual approach was more than a creative choice; it was a reflection of the opera’s story itself, which is deeply rooted in the historical and cultural exchanges between Norway and Italy. This innovative storytelling method not only captivated the audience but also highlighted the opera’s central theme of unity and mutual understanding.

Comments from Opera Manager Hildegunn Pettersen on the Post-Opera Experience

Reflecting on the whirlwind experience of The Querini Opera in Venezia, Opera Manager Hildegunn Pettersen shares her heartfelt sentiments:

«Returning home after such an incredible event has been bittersweet. It’s hard to ‘land’ back to reality after having flown so high in the dream that was The Querini Opera. The energy, the passion, the joy we experienced in Venezia was something out of a fairy tale. It’s not every day you see a vision you’ve cherished and worked towards come to life in such a magnificent way.

The streets of Røst seem quieter now, almost contemplative, as we all take in what we’ve achieved. There’s a sense of pride mixed with nostalgia. We’ve left a piece of our hearts in Venezia, and we carry a bit of its magic with us here.

But as we look to the future, the memories and the success of The Querini Opera continue to inspire us. This isn’t the end of our journey; it’s a new beginning, a new chapter waiting to be written. And I believe that with the dedication and talent of our team, the best is yet to come.»

These words from Hildegunn Pettersen not only encapsulate the post-event emotions but also ignite a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead for The Querini Opera.

As we look back on the success of The Querini Opera, we are encouraged and excited about the future of cultural storytelling. To ensure you don’t miss out on any updates or upcoming events related to The Querini Opera, we invite you to join the Querini’s Friend Association. Members will gain early access to news, exclusive event invites, and be part of a community that values and nurtures our shared cultural history.

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